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Honda CRF250L Motorcycle

Honda CRF250L Motorcycle

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Honda CRF250L:


Agility and Performance for the Roads

The Honda CRF250L is the ideal motorcycle for those seeking versatility and performance on both rural and urban roads. Lightweight and designed with efficiency in mind, this enduro trail bike is perfect for exploring the island with agility and confidence.


Commitment to Excellence:

Quality Maintenance: In our mechanical workshop, we ensure that every Honda CRF250L is always in optimal condition for rental; we are dedicated to guaranteeing that every journey you undertake is a memorable and safe experience. We understand that a motorcycle in perfect condition is key to fully enjoying the freedom and excitement of exploring the island. Therefore, we put our heart into every adjustment and review, ensuring that when you hit the road, the only thing on your mind is the adventure that awaits.

Modern Fleet: We pride ourselves on having the most modern fleet on the island, offering the best motorcycles and vehicles.


Ideal for:

  • Motorcycle enthusiasts tourists looking for an exciting driving experience around Easter Island.


Book now and prepare to enjoy every corner of the island with this exceptional bike.

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