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Kymco Buggy

Kymco Buggy

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Kymco Buggy:


Robustness and Agility in Every Adventure

Kymco buggy is designed to conquer the island with a combination of exceptional durability and maneuverability. Ideal for hard work and adventurous exploration, this vehicle is ready to take your experiences to the next level.


Key Features:

Rugged Design: Built for durability, with a structure that withstands the demands of any terrain.

Loading Capacity: Equipped with a generous cargo bed and a towing capacity of 550 kg, perfect for transporting equipment during your explorations.

Enhanced Maneuverability: Electronic power steering ensures this buggy is more manageable than ever, offering precise control on all roads.


Commitment to Quality:

Top-notch Maintenance: Thanks to our exclusive mechanical workshop, we guarantee that our Kymco buggy is always in optimal condition, ready for your next adventure.

Modern and Diverse Fleet: We pride ourselves on having the most modern fleet on the island, offering vehicles that come with all the conveniences.


Ideal for:

  • Tourists: For those looking to explore the island with a vehicle capable of easily traversing different terrains.
  • Workers and Entrepreneurs: Ideal for those who need a robust and versatile vehicle for transporting tools or goods in the context of their work activities.

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