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Oceanic Rapa Nui Rent a Car

Honda Navi

Honda Navi

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Honda NAVI:


Agility and Fun to Discover the Island

Experience the island like never before with our Honda NAVI, a motorcycle designed for those seeking freedom, agility, and fun on every journey. Compact yet powerful, it's the ideal companion for exploring every corner with ease and style.


Key Features:

Innovative and Compact Design: The Honda NAVI stands out with its unique design, combining an automatic engine with a sporty look, perfect for moving around the island.

Easy and Fun to Ride: With intuitive handling and agile response, it's ideal for both experienced riders and those new to the world of motorcycles.

Fuel Efficiency: Its low-consumption engine not only benefits the environment but also facilitates exploring the island without constant concern over fuel.


Exceptional Service and Reliability:

High-Quality Maintenance: Thanks to our exclusive mechanical workshop, we guarantee that the motorcycle is always in optimal condition, ready for your next adventure.

Modern and Safe Fleet: We pride ourselves on having the most modern and safe fleet of motorcycles and cars on the island.


Perfect for:

  • Individual travelers or couples looking for a unique and exciting way to explore the island.
  • Those who prefer a more compact and manageable alternative for moving in urban or rural areas.


With the Honda NAVI, your adventure will be unforgettable. Its combination of style, agility, and efficiency makes it the ideal option for discovering the hidden charms of our destination.


Book now and prepare for an exciting experience.


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